types of sports flooring

Types of sports flooring

Are you a sports freak? Do you also love to spend hours relaxing on tracks or field playing any kind of sports or physical activity? Then you should know that each sport has its own particular floor that must be played on for maximum enjoyment. Sports have always been a source of attraction for the country’s children, and because we have so many legends coming from our land, we have a specific level of admiration for athletes and sportsmanship. Today, we’ll talk about the different types of sports flooring available and how they’re used in different activities.

1. 3G pitches

This kind of 3G and 4G pitches are mainly used for playing football. They use artificial grass which is made from polyethylene (PE). It has a similar look and feels to the natural grass. These are available in different thicknesses ranging from 8mm to 20mm.

2. Hockey pitches

Unlike our homely football matches, professional football grounds use artificial grass for giving it a sturdy look. The major difference between the grass used in football and hockey grounds is that hockey fields have much shorter and denser grass layering.  It prevents the ball from skipping across and holds a better grip while playing. They are classified as multi-use game spaces and can be 2G or 3G.

3. Tennis courts

Tennis courts are also made from artificial grass and polyurethane which helps to achieve a good grip while running to play some fantastic shots. Traditionally we use to have clay, concrete, and grass surfaces which were completely natural but advanced techniques came up to have synthetic pitches. The best court surface is determined by the location of the court. A hard playing surface is required for an indoor court.

4. Vinyl floors

Nowadays Vinyl floors are widely being used to create indoor multi-use game and activity areas. The hard surface helps to provide splendid support underfoot and creates a real international match experience making it suitable for basketball and netball courts. Schools and colleges use vinyl floorings to create activity centers. Looks and durability make it a perfect choice for sports lovers.

5. Polyurethane floor

Polyurethane flooring is probably the most flexible of all indoor playgrounds, with perfect slip resistance and bright wear resistance. These venues last a lifetime and offer a perfect soccer match.

Rubber FlooringGround rubber in the form of interlocking tiles or rubber tiles is used for free weight lifting and physical exercise areas. To protect the substrate, rubber flooring should be installed.

6. Rubber flooring

Ground rubber in the form of interlocking tiles or rubber tiles is used for free weight lifting and physical exercise areas. To protect the substrate, rubber flooring should be installed.

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