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There really is a lot more that goes into perfectly laying out the wallpapers for your home. If it was, there wouldn’t be a whole industry dedicated to this task. However, if you are not the person who believes they have got it all figured out, by all means, don’t read this article.

Wallpaper installations costs are considered to be highly overpriced. But consider this. How much research would you have to do to understand how removing your existing wallpaper installation is done correctly? After this, consider the cost of the tools you would have to get, for a one-time activity. We still haven’t gotten to the time it will take and the mistakes you will make during the wallpaper installation process.



There is always some understanding to do about the current existing wallpapers. Some of the most common questions asked are:
– How they have been installed
– What primer had been used for the priming process
– How long has it been since the wallpaper installation?

Understanding these factors is critical for any professional wallpaper installer. The technique used for the removal process changes depending on these various factors.

Here’s why you should choose to get a professional wallpaper installer before you try anything yourself:


And its a fact. Our eyes have been trained to spot things you don’t notice. The quotes given by any wallpaper installer are based on the effort required because not all wallpaper installations are created equally. A professional contractor will always visit your location with appropriate tools that help them to remove rigid existing wallpapers. Some wallpapers require the use of specialized tools and equipment because certain installations cling stubbornly on the walls. Professional installers will always use special solutions and a specialized wallpaper steamer device to remove the existing wallpaper from your walls.


We see this happen all the time. Our clients, in the effort to save a little money, make do with sub-par quality work. In a lot of cases, the removal becomes a highly expensive process because the inexperienced do not prime the wallpapers properly. In fact, this can become complicated for you to remove all the old paper without hiring professional support.

Fortunately, we at the Installers are the only WIA (Wallcovering Installers Association) certified company in India. Our team of experts comes with experience, and we do not compromise on the quality of work we deliver.


Wallpapers can be quite expensive, and this is also why you should not tamper with wallpapers yourself. DIY projects sound fun, but you also need to consider the amount of time you can put into the wallpaper installation. It is not merely a matter of gluing and pasting. As professional wallpaper installers, we work to offer you a seamless finish to your homes.


When it comes to wallpaper installations, you have to consider the time you use on doing the job of a professional. Keep in mind that when you perform a wallpaper installation, you will not be efficient like someone experienced in handling such projects. We rest our case.

We are always open to serve you with the best quality work. All you need to do is book a call with us when you are looking to change your wallpapers.

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9+ Different Types of Wallpaper To Make Your Wall More Alluring [Detailed Guide]

9+ Different Types of Wallpaper

Wallpaper is being used by people since the earliest of the 16th century. Since then it has been widely popular among people to decorate their walls. Wallpaper works as a savior for damage and the rough wall and makes it even more beautiful than before. There are different types of wallpaper and you can install any of the types based on your choice and home interior. Earlier people had been sticking glue rice paper onto the wall like wallpaper. Modern techniques and trends have taken over the ancient wallpaper. As a result, new types of wallpaper and new patterns are coming up day by day.  

Are you worried about wallpaper installation? Nowadays installation and removal of wallpaper are easy because of the quality glue and fine removal technique.

Let’s dig into the blog to know about the different types of wallpaper.

Types of wallpaper  

1. Lining wallpaper

Lining paper is not a complete wallpaper material. It is capable of hiding any imperfection that is present in the wall during the plaster. You can also use it to conceal any damaged wall. It will make the surface smoother and give you a better finish than ever.

2. Printed wallpaper

Printed wallpaper is a non-oven or oven baking wallpaper generally preferred by people who love different prints and colors. Floral, geometric, medallion, abstract, and other types of prints are used in printed wallpaper. You have the option of choosing any of the designs. Printed wallpapers are PVC-free and fragrance-free, according to the manufacturers. This wallpaper adds elegance and warmth to the atmosphere.

3. Textile wallpaper

Textile wallpapers are the oldest wallpaper that is made from natural fibers. At the same time, it enhances the durability of the wallpaper and gives an aesthetic look to the wall. If you want a sophisticated look then, these textile wallpapers can match up to your expectations. Also, it will add sophistication, naturalness, and glamour to the room. Another type of wallpaper is called synthetic textile wallpaper that is not made from natural fibers. As a result, it gives you the best durability and works best in high-traffic areas.

4. Vinyl wallpaper

Currently, vinyl wallpaper is the most popular and widely used wall covering. It uses a vinyl film layered on the top that increases its longevity. As a result, the extra layer of protection saves the wallpaper from humidity and moisture. Vinyl wallpapers are relatively durable and cheap. These are highly artificial and can only be used in a well-ventilated atmosphere.

5. Non-oven wallpaper

Non-oven wallpapers are exceptional wallpaper that is quite trending nowadays. It is special because of its manufacturing process. It uses synthetic and natural fiber to make the wallpaper washable and tear-resistant. Besides that, these types of wallpapers are eco-friendly and user-friendly. Non-oven wallpapers are easy to install and remove. You can also use non-oven wallpaper as a base before painting.

6. Bamboo wallpaper

If you are a nature lover, this wallpaper would be the best choice for you to decorate your dream wall. Bamboo wallpaper is a natural and handcrafted wallpaper made up of natural bamboo sticks. Bamboo is adaptable that you can use this to make any structure. Likewise, bamboo wallpaper is made by sticking the bamboo stick onto a paperback with glue. You can use this wallpaper on specific walls as it is not resistant to wet and moisture areas. But this wallpaper certainly enhances the look of your wall and entire room.

7. Mylar Wallpaper

Mylar is a wallpaper that is printed on a paperback and a polyester film is applied on top of it to make the wallpaper washable. Mylar wallpaper gives a shining look to the wall. Since Mylar wallpaper can highlight the defect of the wall if the wall is rough, it is recommended that lining paper be applied before installing the Mylar wallpaper. To stop creasing, take extra caution when applying the Mylar wallpaper.

8. Fiberglass wallpaper

Fiberglass can be a great option for your wall as it provides a nice finish and metallic touch to your wall. It is made from natural fibers such as lime, soda, and dolomite. You must ensure that your wall is smooth before installing fiberglass wallpaper. Since fiberglass wallpaper is so delicate, you must take extra precautions when installing it.

9. Flock Wallpaper

Flock wallpaper has a fuzzy velvet-like structure that looks marvelous and is generally installed in the most luxurious house. Such delicate care and maintenance are needed for this wallpaper. This wallpaper is not washable at all.

10. Murals Wallpaper

Mural wallpapers are the photographic and illustration wallpaper that covers the complete wall or any specific portion of the wall.  It completely depends on the pattern that you choose. This wallpaper is durable and gives you a high-quality illustration.

11. Liquid Wallpaper

The name itself defines it. Liquid wallpaper is a combination of cellulose and cotton fiber.  It is applied to the wall in a liquid form and does not contain any toxic thing. It takes approximately 24 hours for a liquid wallpaper to dry completely. This wallpaper is washable only with water.

12. Metallic Wallpaper or foil wallpaper

metallic or foil wallpapers are attractive as reflecting the metallic look. Metallic wallpapers are durable and manufactured so minutely that you cannot take your eyes off them. It gives a contemporary look to the home while emitting light inside the room.

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