Pros and cons of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a modern invention of grass made from plastic. Artificial grass is also known as synthetic grass or synthetic turf or fake grass. Artificial grass more or less looks like natural grass with less maintenance.  People use artificial grass to make artificial lawn space to give a beautiful natural look to their homes. There are a few pros and cons of artificial grass present. Let’s dig into the topic and discuss how effective is artificial grass to use.


If you are planning to install artificial grass to give a new addition to your home interior then check out the pros and cons of artificial grass before you buy. No doubt artificial grass is more convenient and suits the modern lifestyle.

Pros of Artificial Grass  

1. Durable and long-lasting

Artificial grass is made from plastic which is the reason it is durable and long-lasting. It always wins over the natural grass. If you buy high-quality artificial grass and take good care it would last up to 20 years. Because of its durability, you can install it indoors as well as outdoors.

2. Low maintenance or maintenance-free

As compared to natural grass, artificial grass needs low maintenance. There is no headache of mowing, or watering regularly. It does not need pesticides and fertilizer to grow.

3. Always looks green

Based on the climatic change sometimes natural grass may lose its lush green color. However, synthetic grass stays green lifelong and mimics the complete texture of natural grass-like color, density, look and feel.

4. Saves water

Synthetic grass does not need watering. So you can save preserve water. Occasionally you have to rinse it just to maintain its glaze and remove the dirt.

5. No fertilizer needed

Synthetic grass does not need soil for growing. So it does not need any fertilizer to grow the grass. Artificial grass does not need any care for growing and trimming the grass because the grass density and length will always be the same.

Cons of Artificial Grass  

1. Lack of natural feel

Nothing can replace the feeling of a natural thing or product. The same goes for artificial grass. Artificial grass is good but you will not get the soft and cool warmth while walking. Even though the artificial grass is quite soft, you will miss the freshness of natural grass.

2. Not eco-friendly

Artificial grass is made from plastic. So it is not eco-friendly. Also, it is not bio-degradable. It is susceptible to germs and bacteria if not cleaned properly.

3. Gets hot

Synthetic grass gets hot when the temperature rises. Synthetic turf won’t give you the cool feeling like natural grass gives. So if you are planning for your turf to remain fresh, then avoid outdoor installation.

4. Runoff

Water runoff is a big problem for artificial turf. So make sure of hiring a professional and experienced grass installer. It ensures that water is passing through effortlessly without any hassle.

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