how to install carpet

Does your house have a staircase or various stairs? Are the surfaces of your floors and stairs made of hard flooring? Walking up or down a bare staircase can be risky and result in serious injuries to humans and animals. Consider installing a carpet runner over your stairs to alleviate this potentially dangerous situation.

The right carpet for your staircase can act as a cushion, enhancing the comfort of climbing and descending the stairs. Carpeted stairs keep your feet warm and comfortable in the winter because they retain heat from your home. Your home will look cozier and feel more comfortable.

Carpeting the staircase not only enhances the look but also silent the walkthrough, yes you heard it right installing carpet on the staircase has been a trend for some time and again gaining back popularity for today’s generation. A carpeted staircase has more safety and stability as well. So if you are planning to have one then read further to have a complete idea of how to install carpet.

How to Install Carpet? Things Needed

➤ Tape measure
➤ Carpet knife

➤ Hammer stapler
➤ Straightedge
➤ Wall trimmer
➤ Stair tool
➤ Carpet
➤ Pad
➤ Tackless strips
➤ Hot melt seaming tape
➤ Seam sealer

How to install carpet on stairs case? Steps to be followed

  1. Measure Each Staircase and accordingly cut the carpet board ensuring it falls within the boundary of the staircase that you’ll be nailing to the back of the tread and the bottom of the riser.

  2. Install the Tackless strips carefully to the back of the thread and bottom of the riser by giving enough space, if needed combine 2 tackless strips together for better spacing.

  3. Staple the carpet board on the strips by using a hammer stapler to make sure it is fixed properly and quite strong. Start fixing from the middle for a better finish.

  4. Wrap the carpet pad around the front edge of the steps and down the riser. Smooth and stretch the pad so that it fits tightly against both the tread and riser, then staple the pad to the riser.

  5. Using a tape measure, measure the stair and riser and add 4 to 6 inches (or more if your steps are deeper) to the stair width to cover the edges.

  6. Measure the template and attach the cuts as all staircases may not be of the same dimension. Take proper care of the same while working on it.

  7. Center the carpet on the bottom edge of the steps and push the carpet onto the tackless strip. This creates a clean line between the bottom of the stairs and the flooring.

  8. When you are satisfied with the carpet placement, staple the carpet onto the riser just below the tread taking care not to staple through the fold.

  9. Push the carpet into the stream in such a way that it gets fixed closely with the staircase without leaving any gap in between. Once done for a step continue the same for other steps as well. Ensure to start from one end only so that anything left extra can be cut out in the finishing step.

    Hope you got to know how to install carpet on stairs case. For more interesting installation tips, follow us on Instagram or Facebook.

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