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What is a Deck Area?

Everybody wants an open area in their house where they can enjoy the beauty and chill at the same time. Then an outdoor deck sitting will solve your problem. If you have a beautiful house and some space in your backyard then, you can think of this deck idea. The deck is nothing but open wooden flooring directly attached to the house that can be given any shape and design according to the available space. A deck area will give you both luxury and a contemporary feeling at the same time. Different designs, shapes, and sizes of deck areas are available. It is your personal choice of selecting which design you choose for your house.

You can build your deck out of a variety of materials. Despite that, timber decks and wood-plastic composites materials are becoming increasingly popular. Let’s discuss the different types of decking materials.

Types of Decking Materials

● Pressure-Treated Wood
● Plastic Decking
● Redwood Decking
● Plastic Decking
● Composite Decking
● Cedar Decking
● Vinyl Decking
● Ipe Wood Decking

Pressure-Treated Wood

This pressure-treated wood is the most inexpensive decking material that people generally use. These woods may contain various tropical hardwood. Pressure-treated wood is processed through so many chemical processes. As a result, it can resist rot, and fungus. If you maintain this deck properly, it will last longer.
The range starts from Rs. 516 per square foot.

pressure treated wood

Plastic Decking

This plastic decking can be a cheaper option for the deck area and it also remains stain-free. The plastic decking is made from PVC and polyethylene. As a result, it feels very lightweight.
The range starts from Rs. 369 per square foot.

plastic decking

Redwood Decking

Redwood is expensive and only found on the west coast. It’s naturally rot-resistant, sturdy, and light. It could last anywhere between 15 to 20 years.
The range starts from Rs. 663 per square foot.

red wood decking

Composite Decking

Composite decking is the most popular these days. It is less expensive and more durable. Composite material is made up of plastic and wood fiber. This is a low-maintenance deck that comes with a wide range of colors and designs.
The range starts from Rs. 295 per square foot.

composit decking

Cedar Decking

This one of the inexpensive deck materials lasts up to 15-20 years almost. This comes in a darker color and looks better. It has an anti-rot property.
The range starts from Rs. 222 per square foot.

cedar decking

Vinyl Decking

These types of decking generally do not consist of wood particles. It is made up of PVC and lasts up to 25 years or more. Vinyl decking is maintenance-free and can have these colors like white, greys, browns, tans.
The range starts from Rs. 516 per square foot.

vinyl decking

Ipe Wood Decking

Ipe wood comes with deep rich brown color and naturally very strong wood that lasts up to 75+ years. It is also equally expensive. Ipe is harder than redwood. Every year, ipe must be sealed to preserve its rich beauty.
The range starts from Rs. 884 per square foot.


To install a deck you can follow the above points to choose the deck material and buy according to your convince. I hope you find these types of decking materials helpful to build a good deck area.

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